Visiting Saudi Arabia on Business

Saudi Arabia can often be a good place for many companies to do business. However, there are a few things which you may want to bare in mind when making a business trip to this country.

You should always be prepared to dress in a formal and corporate manner when attending business meetings in Saudi Arabia, even though the weather may be extremely warm. In most buildings, however, there will be sufficient air-conditioning. Remember to greet those with whom you are meeting with a firm handshake using your right hand. Good eye contact whilst doing this is often seen as a sign of sincerity, and is also advised.

Make sure you have arranged your hotel accommodation before your visit, and are familiar with the routes which you will need to travel during your stay. While there are many restrictions with Saudi society, western hotels can offer a little more freedom. If you are keen to have somewhere that you can relax before and after your meetings by watching DVDs or playing online games of partypoker IT, then it is a good idea to ensure that your accommodation offers such facilities. Since face-to-face meetings tend be preferred within Arabic culture, you may be required to visit more than once, and you’ll soon get a good idea of any hotel preferences which you might have.

When scheduling your meetings, it is important to remember that there are five daily prayer times, as well as a number of Islamic holidays, which may have an impact on your meeting schedule. If you are offered the traditional drink of gahwa, then it is seem as impolite to refuse. If the taste is not to your palate, then simply sip it slowly. Business relationships are valued extremely highly within Saudi Arabia, but taking the time to build strong connections can be extremely beneficial to any business in the long-run.

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